Monday, December 15, 2014

More Manhattan Church Closings

The New York Times reported yesterday that the original list of church closings released last month may have a few additional names added to it. The new Manhattan churches now in danger of closing or merging are:
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From the The New York Times

Click here to read my post that includes the entire previous list of closing/merging Manhattan churches, and pray for these churches and their parishioners.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Church Closings (UPDATED)

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From the The New York Times
It's a sad day for New York City churches. Yesterday, Cardinal Dolan announced that in the Archdiocese of New York, 112 parishes will be merged to create 55 new parishes. In 31 of those new parishes, one of the two churches will no longer be used for regular services, meaning those churches will effectively be closed by August 2015. (New York Times)

The nine churches in Manhattan that are essentially closing (that I have previously mentioned in this blog) are as follows:
Click here for a complete Archdiocese list.

And here is a complete Archdiocese list of churches that will be merging where both churches will remain open.

The twelve churches in Manhattan that are merging to create six new parishes are as follows: (each of these churches will remain open for the regular celebration of Masses, etc.)
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And finally, here is that first list of nine churches closing from above, but below indicating which church they are merging with:
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Cheers to The New York Times for such great coverage of these events. Here's a new slideshow showing the aftermath at some of these holy houses of worship:
Parishioners Mourn as Mergers are Announced

Sunday, September 14, 2014

*BRONX: St. Nicholas of Tolentine

(mass times & church info last updated 09/15/2014) 
Address: 2345 University Ave., Bronx, NY
Phone: 718.295.6800
Weekend Mass Times: 
Sat: 7pm (Spanish)
Sun: 8am (English), 9:30am (Spanish), 11:15am (English), 12:45pm (Bilingual Family Mass Sept-June), 4pm (Vietnamese)
Weekday Mass Times: 
M-F: 8:30am (Spanish), 12:10pm (English)
Thu, Sat: 7:45am (Vietnamese)
Sat: 4-5pm and at the Parish Office by appointment
Sun: 3:30-4pm (Vietnamese)
Constructed: 1906-1907
Post-Mass Activity: Walking a mile and a half to the New York Botanical Garden located in the Bronx

About the Organ
Bronx Catholic Review
Suspicious Blaze Breaks Out
Wikipedia Page

Over four years ago when I finished my Manhattan journey and began thinking about visiting one or two churches from each of the other boroughs, having no knowledge whatsoever of Bronx churches, I contacted the man behind Bronx Catholic and asked his opinion of which one church I should select and attend in the Bronx.  He replied naming four different Bronx parishes that would be very much worth my while, with the caveat, "It is the worshiping community that gives a church its resonance, a resonance of praise. Some Bronx church interiors may be bland or boxy, but that is secondary to the worship."

It's obviously taken me a great deal of time to follow his advice, but I finally decided to make the journey to the Bronx and attend St. Nicholas of Tolentine. (See a few brief notes about the other 3 choices at the bottom of this post.)

For starters, here's what Bronx Catholic said about the church of St. Nicholas of Tolentine:
The upper church was completed after World War II.  Given the opportunity, I would choose a Vietnamese Mass or a trilingual Mass.

This church is massive! Just approaching it on foot from the west, it suddenly seems to appear out of nowhere, and then towers above everything else.

My wife and I, (yes, in the past 4 years I did indeed meet a beautiful and lovely lady who did me the honor, favor and privilege of saying "yes" to me, and who occasionally joins me on some Sunday morning ventures,) walked here from our place in uptown Manhattan. It was a great walk on one of the first cool and crisp days this fall. We arrived at the enormous structure, made our way around the building to the front where the doors were open and Mass was about to begin.

Oddly enough, it turned out that they were actually celebrating the feast of their patron saint, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, this weekend and the intro procession included some beautiful and pretty cool kites that appeared to be either angels or spirits or the Holy Spirit or all of the above:

After the Mass ended, in honor of the feast, there was a 30 minute organ concert performed by the parish's organist on the enormous and breathtaking organ:

This was such a picturesque and beautiful early fall/late summer day. The sun was shining. Mass was nice. And my wife and I enjoyed our walks around the city and through the Bronx.

She has been a light in my life and has taught me the importance and joy of love and affection, kindness and sweetness. It's nice to have her with me at the very tail end of this journey. For it is truly and finally coming to a close. Most of the churches have all been viewed. And we are probably not long for this great and terrible city, this monstrous metropolis.

Here are the other churches suggested by Bronx Catholic:

St. Jerome
Here's what Bronx Catholic said:
The eye of the Lord was blue and is now brown.  Some parishioners and former parishioners saved the church from closure.  (St. Jerome's is the easiest to reach from midtown: #6 train to Third Avenue and 138th Street.)
For the Bronx Catholic review, click here.  For the NYCago organ page, click here.

St. Anselm
Here's what Bronx Catholic said:
Interior that it is romanesque.
For the Bronx Catholic review, click here.

Immaculate Conception
Here's what Bronx Catholic said:
The interior is ornate, but not baroque.  Off-hours, one can visit the church by passing through the rectory.  A glass wall blocks one from moving forward into the pews (off-hours, that is,) but one can see the church.  This parish is German, Bavarian, or Austrian in heritage.  Do not confuse this parish with Immaculate Conception, Gun Hill Road.  (This is the Redemptorists church, in Melrose, one block north on East 150th Street, just north of the 149th Street (Third Avenue station of the #2 and #5 train.)  The intersection of 149th Street, Third Avenue, and Melrose Avenue is known as The Hub (of The Bronx.))
For the Bronx Catholic review, click here.

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Special thanks to Bronx Catholic for all his help.
Ok, so that's enough Bronx churches for me.

And ahhhh shit...
Now I have to go to Staten Island...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Updated Photos

Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Joseph of the Holy Family (Harlem)
All Saints
St. Monica
St. Francis of Assisi
Holy Agony
St. Ann
Holy Rosary
St. Aloysius
St. Anthony of Padua
Our Lady of Victory
St. Jean Baptiste
Grotto Church of Notre Dame
Holy Name of Jesus
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Holy Cross
Blessed Sacrament
Sacred Heart of Jesus
St. Peter
St. Andrew
St. Francis Xavier
Most Precious Blood
St. Agnes
Mother Cabrini Chapel and Shrine
St. Paul the Apostle
St. Joseph (Chinatown)

I'm still in the process of going back to take new photos of some of the churches I visited near the beginning of this venture when I was armed only with a Blackberry camera (or churches that I revisit for whatever reason and feel moved to reshoot and upload different kinds of images). I've seen my site listed on other blogs as a "photo site" which made me laugh as that was never the intention, and at the beginning taking pictures of these churches was just an afterthought. Anyways, here is a rolling list of my posts that have new images that were not part of the original posts. All new images will appear at the bottom of posts, as I want to preserve the original posts as they appeared initially.