Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to Catholic Churches of Manhattan

This blog comprises a 2 1/2 year journey where I visited each of the 96 Roman Catholic churches of Manhattan for a single Mass each. I have taken photos, gathered church contact info, collected Mass, confession, and prayer times.  Oh, and written some thoughts down that were going through my head at the time. Here are those journeys and that info for you, the casual church goer, devout Catholic, pilgrim, atheist, priest, nun, drunk, coward, hero or whatever you may be to use for the benefit of also finding and discovering these very holy places, these houses of God, these Catholic churches of Manhattan...

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A note from the author.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Updated Photos

Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Joseph of the Holy Family (Harlem)
All Saints
St. Monica
St. Francis of Assisi
Holy Agony
St. Ann
Holy Rosary
St. Aloysius
St. Anthony of Padua
Our Lady of Victory
St. Jean Baptiste
Grotto Church of Notre Dame
Holy Name of Jesus
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Holy Cross
Blessed Sacrament
Sacred Heart of Jesus
St. Peter
St. Andrew
St. Francis Xavier
Most Precious Blood
St. Agnes
Mother Cabrini Chapel and Shrine
St. Paul the Apostle
St. Joseph (Chinatown)

I'm still in the process of going back to take new photos of some of the churches I visited near the beginning of this venture when I was armed only with a Blackberry camera (or churches that I revisit for whatever reason and feel moved to reshoot and upload different kinds of images). I've seen my site listed on other blogs as a "photo site" which made me laugh as that was never the intention, and at the beginning taking pictures of these churches was just an afterthought. Anyways, here is a rolling list of my posts that have new images that were not part of the original posts. All new images will appear at the bottom of posts, as I want to preserve the original posts as they appeared initially.