Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Church Closings (UPDATED)

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From the The New York Times
It's a sad day for New York City churches. Yesterday, Cardinal Dolan announced that in the Archdiocese of New York, 112 parishes will be merged to create 55 new parishes. In 31 of those new parishes, one of the two churches will no longer be used for regular services, meaning those churches will effectively be closed by August 2015. (New York Times)

The nine churches in Manhattan that are essentially closing (that I have previously mentioned in this blog) are as follows:
Click here for a complete Archdiocese list.

And here is a complete Archdiocese list of churches that will be merging where both churches will remain open.

The twelve churches in Manhattan that are merging to create six new parishes are as follows: (each of these churches will remain open for the regular celebration of Masses, etc.)
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And finally, here is that first list of nine churches closing from above, but below indicating which church they are merging with:
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Cheers to The New York Times for such great coverage of these events. Here's a new slideshow showing the aftermath at some of these holy houses of worship:
Parishioners Mourn as Mergers are Announced