Friday, May 2, 2008

25. St. Malachy (The Actor's Chapel)

(mass times & church info last updated 04/24/2016)
Address: 239 West 49th Street
Phone: 212.269.6865
Weekend Mass Times: 
Sat: 5pm, 11pm (both English)
Sun: 9am, 11am (choir), 6pm (all English)
Weekday Mass Times: 
Mon-Fri: 8am, 12:05pm (both English)
Sat: 12:05pm (English)
Mon-Sat: 12:40pm
Sat: 4:30pm
Rosary: Mon-Fri: 7:40am
Adoration: Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
Official Website
NY Times Article (2005)
NY Times Article About the Restoration (1993)
Wikipedia: St. Malachy
St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes

From Yahoo! Travel...
Founded in 1902, this church is an integral part of the Theater District. In 1920, St. Malachy's Church experienced an influx of actors, dancers, musicians, craftsmen, and tourists filling the seats, replacing the types of parishioners St. Malachy's had seen in previous years. In 1991, Father Michael C. Crimmins was named pastor and put forth immense effort to fund repairs for the church. A new roof, restoration of the interior, cleaning of the exterior and heating and air conditioning systems have made St. Malachy Church a beautiful place to pray.
- - -
This church is beautiful, just beautiful - and kind of amazing. It's small - technically truly a chapel, I suppose - and because of the size the pews seem a little more filled than usual. The acoustics are amazing and song really fills it up. This parish offers a lot of extra activities - so their website is worth checking out - as is the building. And once inside it, you are worlds away from Times Square, which lies but just outside its doorstep.
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So, I've just did a little bit of research (very little) and I read that St. Malachy had a prophecy of popes. Please see link above or Google it and find out more for yourself - but basically he made several hundred predictions about the popes of his time and future popes - all the way up to Benedict and one more after that. Eerie, huh? Benedict is old, and these do feel like end times. But I guess maybe all times on earth, where men have been alive, all the goodness and badness and imagination possible within them, have seemed like possibilities for end times.

Still. Wars, food shortages, imminent world flooding and fires and catastrophes.

It makes one seriously realize the triviality of blogging about it all, blogging about it at all...


  1. hey there-
    i think your blog is a very cool introspective on urban spirituality.
    i am jealous that you have the time to visit all the great catholic churches in and around the global capitol of the world.
    in the past i have attended some different churches as well. sometimes i want to really feel a fantastic sense of belonging that is hard to find in this city sometimes. i think you should check out Saint Ignatius of Loyola which has a nice 730 pm Mass on Sunday Evening
    There is wine and cheese after mass -i think there is one this weekend everyone is friendly

    i have found that st joseph's in the village (NYU MAss) is a good community staffed by Dominicans who give great homilies (also over at St vincent ferrer)

  2. Gerard-
    Thanks for your comments and advice on other churches. Before I began writing this blog I had visited Ignatius Loyola and I agree, it is a fantastic place - the 11am Mass in my opinion with that incredible choir is probably and consistently one of the top ten events in the city that anyone could attend in a given week - I do plan to go there again sometime in the future. I have walked many times past St. Joseph's near NYU and have always wondered what it's like in there - will have to go there soon too. St. Vincent Ferrer I am not yet familiar with but will add it to the list with the rest.

    And I thank you - on a night such as tonight I needed reminding of how lucky I am to be part of this global metropolis and have the chance to visit all these places. I just looked through a few of the churches I've visited and currently I list to you my favorite five - you should try out some of these if you have never been...

    Ascension, Grotto Church of Notre Dame, Corpus Christi, St. Paul, St. Joseph (Yorkville)


  3. The phone number is a mistake.
    You reach Our Lady of the Rosary, 7 State St., - NY.
    Peter Meehan