Wednesday, March 31, 2010

93. Church of the Most Precious Blood (Now the Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood, part of the Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral)

NOTE: In 2015 this church merged with Old St. Patrick's Cathedral as part of the Archdiocese of New York's great closings & mergers of 2015. Both churches will remain open for regular Masses and other events. There is no new combined name for this parish as both churches will continue to be known by their separate names. However, this church is now known as the Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood, a part of The Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral.

(mass times & church info last updated 03/23/2016)
Address: 109 Mulberry St. (front entrance at 113 Baxter)
Phone: 212.226.6427
Weekend Mass Times: 
Sat: 5:30pm (English)
Sun: 2pm (Vietnamese)
Weekday Mass Times: 
Mon-Fri: 7pm (English, during Lent & Easter only)
Rosary of Mercy: 
Mon-Fri: 12pm
Constructed: 1888 (renovated 1995)
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About the Organ
San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy (2009)
Church Postage Stamps
Congegration of the Most Precious Blood
San Gennaro (St. Janarius)
The Relic of San Gennaro
Feast of San Gennaro (NYC Street Festival)


Okay, okay, one more daily mass before I go.
"During the Feast of San Gennaro, which is held yearly in September, a celebratory Mass is held at [Church of the Most Precious Blood] on the last Saturday of September. Following this, the statue of San Gennaro is taken from its home within the church on a procession through the streets of Little Italy."

It was another morning enchantment where I felt I was altogether somewhere else in some other life in some other land. The main church entrance, above, is located at 113 Baxter (though I don't believe it's open during the weekdays, maybe Sundays.) The other entrance is on Mulberry, the cusp of Chinatown and Little Italy - stuck between two almost fantasy worlds. When you arrive there, it looks like no other church in the city.

But you see the sign arching over the driveway entrance, so you know you're there, know everything is going to be okay.

Almost immediately you realize it's run by the Fanciscans.

And then signs begin pointing the way to the church.


And statues...

It's a nice walk into the church.

It puts one at ease...

Gives one peace...

Relaxes and calms...

Hold on...

Almost there...

Wait for it...


You are there and it's a somewhat small, intimate place, good for morning prayer and reflection. It puts you in the best mood. You see another reminder of the Franciscans and remember what Jesus spoke to St. Francis, "Francis, repair My church..."

It's a Wednesday and there is a devotion after Mass to San Gennarro.

You never realized what a big deal San Gennarro is, but there is much devotion to him in this parish, for on this earth he accomplished a great deal. And you wonder to yourself how much you will ever accomplish in life. You make a note to remind yourself to come back to this parish in September for the San Gennarro festival and street procession. After Mass, you walk to the back of the church and pay a visit to the National Shrine...

You pray, you meditate, you hope.

The first reading sticks with you, and part of your prayer becomes asking the Lord to guide you to do the right thing with your life,
"The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I might know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them. Morning after morning he opens my ear that I may hear; And I have not rebelled, have not turned back. I gave my back to those who beat me, my cheeks to those who plucked my beard; My face I did not shield from buffets and spitting.

The Lord God is my help, therefore I am not disgraced; I have set my face like flint, knowing that I shall not be put to shame. He is near who upholds my right; if anyone wishes to oppose me, let us appear together. Who disputes my right? Let him confront me. See, the Lord God is my help; who will prove me wrong?"

(Isaiah 50:4-9a)

This church and this Mass on this Wednesday of Holy Week has made you feel good, made you feel right, energized you. You chuckle to yourself quietly as you wander around this blessed place, someone has slipped Pio some money.

- - -
After Mass today, before jumping on the subway I stopped in the AT&T building on the Avenue of the Americas. If you've never been by there before, it's surely not to miss. Beautiful art deco decor in the lobby - another world altogether from what I had experienced but minutes before.

additional photos...84th Annual San Gennaro Festival 2010...


I just came across this video from one of my favorite sites...


  1. wow....that is really intense. Christ is so Blue? is there a reason for that?

  2. My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    The Baxter Street is open daily during the week for the celebration of Mass at this beautiful house of worship. Please feel free to stop in during the week to visit His house.

    The blue in the photograph of the crucifixion of Our Lord is just the effect from a light.

    It is a lovely church. It makes one feel like they are in a church found in Italy.

    God bless all who may visit this website, and know the beauty of Christ's infinite love for us sinners.

    Fraternally yours in Christ,

    Denis the Sinner

  3. ...Beautiful pictures ....looks like so much work from year to year to celebrate the San Gennaro festival...enjoyed these pictures over the years ...thanx to Father Fabian...only wish I could have been there ...God Bless

  4. Fr Philip Phan who administers to the Vietnamese is a sleaze bag.. Stay away. Stole Money from poor Vietnamese Emigrants. Also noted to be having sexual relationship with Young Vietnamese woman. Most Vietnamese are going to Brooklyn Diocese for services.