Sunday, December 9, 2007

9. St. Jean Baptiste

(mass times & church info last updated 04/06/2016)
Address: Lexington at 76th St.
Phone: 212.288.5082
Weekend Mass Times:
Sat: 5:30pm (English)
Sun: 9am, 11am (Choral), 5:30pm, 7:30pm (all English)
Weekday Mass Times:
Mon-Fri: 7:30am, 12:15pm (both English)
Sat: 12:15pm (English)
Sat: 11:45am-12:10pm; 5pm-5:30pm
Sun: 7pm-7:30pm
Mon-Fri: 11:45am-12:10pm
Holyday Mass Times: 7:30am, 12:15pm, 7pm (all English)
Christmas Eve:
5:30pm, 11:30pm (Carols), 12am
Christmas Day:
9am, 11am
New Year's Eve:
5:30pm (Vigil Mass), 11pm (Exposition), 11:30pm (Mass)
New Year's Day:
9am, 11am
Ash Wednesday:
7:30am, 12:15pm, 7pm
Ashes distributed from 7am-7pm
Stations of the Cross:
Lenten Fridays following the 12:15pm Mass
Palm Sunday:
9am, 11am, 5:30pm, 7:30pm
Holy Thursday:
7:30pm, followed by Adoration until 11pm
Good Friday:
12pm (Stations of the Cross)
3pm (Choral Liturgy of the Passion)
7:30pm (Tenebrae)
Holy Saturday:
9am (Tenebrae)
7:30pm (Great Vigil of Easter) 
Easter Sunday:
9am, 11am, 5:30pm
Liturgy of the Hours:M-F: 8am, 5pm
Sun: 5pm
Exposition: Daily
Nocturnal Adoration:
First Friday: Begins with Mass at 5:30pm, continues with Adoration, and concludes with Vespers at 8:30pm
Annual Novena to St. Anne:
Conducted from July 17 through July 26
(It includes two Eucharistic Liturgies daily and procession of the Blessed Sacrament at the 7:30 pm Liturgy. The relic of St. Anne is applied to the sick and presented for veneration at these Liturgies. The Novena includes a Communal Anointing of the Sick and the Blessing of Children.)
Charismatic Prayer Group:
Every Thursday in Parish House: 7:30pm-9pm
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St. Anne Novena & Devotion:
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St. Peter Julian Eymard Novena & Devotion:
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Wikipedia: John the Baptist
Wikipedia: Advent
Wikipedia: Advent Wreath


For some reason so tired today, almost feel as though I'm trapped within a grey slumber. The weather changed again and it's still cold but it's strange out there. A lot of moody people around.

St. Jean Baptiste is the sister church of St. Andrew church which I went to a couple weeks ago. Another beautiful Upper East side church and much like the service at St. Andrew, the priest this morning gave a really great talk, again on the subject of Advent and preparation.

John lived on the margins of society and readied those who would hear him for something great. Here, in the city, I am trying to move away from the fringes and fit into something trivial and worldly.

When will I awake?

This church has a lovely shrine devoted to St. Anne, the Blessed Mother's own mother. Yesterday was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception which celebrates the conception of Mary within Anne. There is, of course as with most saints, a special prayer to Anne...

"O, glorious St. Anne you are filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer. Heavily burdened with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present intention which I recommend to you in your special care.

Please recommend it to your daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and place it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue. Continue to intercede for me until my request is granted. But, above all, obtain for me the grace one day to see God face to face, and wih you and Mary and all the saints to praise and bless Him for all eternity. Amen."

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  1. Hi, I went to this church Sunday at 730 AM thinking that there was a morning mass. It was at 9AM. The place is being renovated. There are scaffolding outside. The facade looks like the pink architecture in Petra, Jordan.

  2. I found this church on my last day in the city, on a trip a few years back. It made a great impression, and I cannot wait to go back.

  3. Lovely church! Really enjoyed the mass this morning. Curious as to when they expect to have the Restoration complete?

  4. The French have a great devotion to St Anne.