Sunday, November 18, 2007

6. All Saints Church

(mass times & church info last updated 03/07/2016) 
Address: 47 East 129th @ Madison Ave.
Phone: 212.534.3535, 212.534.7957
Weekend Mass Times:
Sunday: 10am (English)
Weekday Mass Times:
Wed, Thu: 7pm
Sat: 9am (Morning Prayer and Mass)
Sat: 6pm or 6:30pm-7pm (or by appointment)
Rosary: Wednesday 6pm (English)
Rosary: Thursday 6pm (Spanish)
Adoration: Wed & Thu after Mass (English)
Post-Church Activity: conversation
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There is only one Weekend Mass at this Harlem Roman Catholic Church and it is at 10am on Sundays and I highly suggest you attend it if ever you have the chance. It is a Gospel Mass - and the singing is outstanding.

The only sad depression of note, which you may find for yourself if you attend, is a lack of congregation.

I envisioned a loud church, a filled-to-capacity-psuedo-cathedral in the midst of Harlem. But, as always the case in most Masses I go to these days, the congregation was sparse, absent, gone. There were maybe 30 in attendance and because it is another old, big, classic church it just seemed strangely empty to me.

That in itself didn't really stop me from enjoying the Mass and the celebration and getting a lot from it, however. There was singing and clapping and during Peace time - when everyone is sharing a handshake and a "Peace be with you," with each other - which lasted about 10 minutes, everyone was so nice and outgoing. A stranger to the city wouldn't of known it was New York.

At the end of the Mass, so many people greeted my friend and I and told us to come back. There was such immense joy and gladness in everyone's eye. My hour and a half at this church in Harlem couldn't help but remind me of Africa and all the wonderful and kind people I met there.

If you've happened upon this blog and are at all interested in attending any of these churches I've written about - you should definately attend this one, this 10am Mass, and greet the people that side for me.

Another note of interest - my friend who attended is a young pretty Catholic girl and of course, if you're getting to know me at all, I couldn't help but to continue to think of her after we spent the rest of the day together, enjoying each other's company very much and agreeing that we should get together again very soon...

Additional Photos...

Just went here for Wednesday evening Mass that was supposed to start at 7pm. By 7:15pm when no priest had shown up I decided to leave, but not before walking around the strangely lit sanctuary to take some photos and dropping a donation into the box.

(By the way, there are some big discrepancies currently between the bulletin I picked up at the front of the church and the website. For instance, the website says there are daily Masses everyday of the week, but the bulletin only says Wednesday and Thursday. The Mass times listed above are taken from the bulletin, but I highly suggest any visitors call the parish before heading to this big, beautiful church.)

Speaking of which, All Saints church was so much bigger and more beautiful than I remember it being (7 years ago!) and I still stand by my initial assessment: you should go visit this church and take in the grandeur of it, however aging it is.

While I waited for the Mass to begin that never would (which I believe would have taken place in the small side chapel area pictured below in the last photo), I believe I was sitting down in or around the same pew as my friend and I did years before. I began reflecting how strange it would be if I could reach back in time and talk to my (7 years) younger self. I wonder, since the Almighty knows no bounds of time, if God ever reaches back in time to speak to us, or into the future — telling us it will all, eventually, be all right.

It was funny sitting with my female friend 7 years ago, who I was obviously a little bit attracted too; who eventually became my Confirmation sponsor; who I now no longer speak to or have any contact with — not because we had a falling out or anything, but simply because that's what happens over time.

My life, in so many ways, is so much better now than it was back then and I am grateful. I'm happy to say, I am now married, having found the perfect mate to share my life with. Not perfect in any sense or list I would have designed 7 years ago, but perfect in a real, well-matched in reality, honest, sincere, loving and true way.

Thanks be to God!


  1. Love your blog! My father attended All Saints school and church during the 1920's. Every Easter Sunday we would travel to All Saints from Long Island. I remember it being a very large church with ornately carved pews. I wish you took more interior photos.

  2. Love your blog!! My father attended All Saints school and church during the 1920's. My dad would take me to mass at All Saints on Easter Sunday. We would travel from Long Island to Harlem...quite an adventure. I remember the church as being very large, dark, and beautiful.
    The pews in the church were very ornately carved. I wish you had taken more photo's of the interior. Fond memories for me. Thanks!

  3. Pat - thanks for the kind words. One of these days I'm planning to return to All Saints with camera in hand to take a few more photos of this beautiful church. So keep checking in to see. Great to hear the story of you and your dad. God bless.

  4. I'm a parishioner of All Saints and am sorry to have to tell you the church is closing for one year - I can't tell you whether it will reopen even then. The building has fallen into a state of disrepair that would take multiple millions to fix, and our tiny congregation cannot support it.
    I'd appreciate your prayers for our parish family.
    God bless you.

    1. Thank God for sending us Fr. Jude! "Closing down" is NOT happening anymore! Praise the Lord!

  5. Por favor cual es el e-mail de tan hermosa Iglesia, me lo puede hacer llegar? el mio es y mi nombre es Griela. Gracias.

    1. Hola, Griela, el email de Padre Jude, la cura de la parroquia es

  6. Hello to you all All Saints Roman Catholic Church the Cathedral in Harlem has daily masses as follows:

    Monday thru Friday 7:30 am morning Mass
    Monday thru Friday 7:00 pm Mass (Fridays during Lent 6:30 Stations of the Crosss followed by Mass and Adoration
    Tuesdays Rosary 6 pm followed by 7PM Mass
    Saturday 8:00 am Mass 5 pm Reconciliation
    Sunday 10 am Mass English 12 pm Mass Spanish

    All are welcome do come and join us

    1. Thanks for this very usefull info!
      We will be in NY August 20-24 and would like to attend a Gospell Mass.
      Could anyone suggest me a Church to go during my days of stay?
      Thanks in advance!

    2. I'd say the 10am one here is the one to go to.

  7. So sorry forgot to mention

    After Sunday Mass fellowship in the cafeteria

    Sunday 5 pm Bible Study

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  9. Hello Andrew, I'm the Music Director for All Saints Parish since May of 2013 and I would love to invite you back for a visit. In fact we are having a special service on September 15th at 3 pm - hosted by the Choir - called "REVIVAL" An offering of musical worship. It will be a time of prayer, scripture and gospel music. Anyone who loves this church and good old fashion gospel music should make it a plan to attend.

    Thank you all for your consideration

    Martin Petioni
    Director of Music
    All Saints