Thursday, October 11, 2007

Intro to Catholic Churches of Manhattan

A blog is a glob is a blog.

Hello, and how are you?

When I was out of the country that was when this whole thing hit. What's a blog, we asked each other. I dunno, what's bluetooth? When one has partaken of too much wine, perchance? And then we all came back and realized we would soon be in the thick of it. Blogospheres and social-effing computing. Reality on Web 2.0, on-line gaming that's not gaming because all you do is create an alter-ego, dress it up, spend money on it and walk around trying to impress the other pixelated people you bump into - it's almost too similar to life here in the Big Apple - only less less real. Not the big Apple computer store hidden away underground like some crowded gigantuam treasure chest that too many everyones have heard about on 59th street. But close enough.

This blog intends to be a discovery into the almost 100 Catholic churches that now stand in Manhattan and exist as parts of working public parishes of New York City. The list I am working from comes from the Archdiocese of New York website ( Each week I plan on visiting a new church for the Sunday Liturgy/Eucharist and then writing (sorry, "blogging") about my experience there. However, because this post is serving as the introduction to what this blog will contain, a few warnings...

*I have a friend working as an attorney in the city, he is an old buddy and I respect his career decision - however, I am not one and my research skills would not prove otherwise. While I'll enjoy going to each one of these holy holy places and experiencing the Mass and all that entails and then writing something down here about my trip to them, I do not intend on providing an accurate history or knowledge base of either the building or the area or the architecture or some little story about some dear old woman who has passed 100 years of age and still attends services every single day. If I encounter these gems by chance along the way, sure, maybe I'll include them - but for the most part don't expect too much. If you're a college student doing research on the web, look elsewhere. This site will merely give you location details, mass times and a few words about my encounter with these churches.

*I fully reserve the right to skip weeks at a time without posting.

*I must forewarn that I may occasionally digress from my experiences at the Mass/church into little anecdotes of my own, from either stories in my past that I consider worthwhile passing along, or the common BS that we deal with each week that I feel desire enough to rid myself of by dumping it up on the web with all the other trash, dirt and porn out there.